Tarnside Farm, Tarns, Nr Aspatria, Cumbria, CA7 4NQ
24, 25, 26th August 2013
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Line up 2013

  • Main Stage

    • Maximo Park

      Maximo Park

      British alternative rock band, formed in 2000. The band consists of Paul Smith (vocals), Duncan Lloyd (guitar), Archis Tiku (bass), Lukas Wooller (keyboard) and Tom English (drums). The band have released four studio albums, two of which went gold in the UK. Their 2005 debut album A Certain Trigger, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize, the 2007 follow-up Our Earthly Pleasures, their third album,  Quicken the Heart, released in May 2009 and their fourth album, The National Health, released in June 2012. 

    • Flogging Molly

      Flogging Molly

      Founded in Los Angeles in 1997, Flogging Molly has always defied categorization. The infectious originality of their songs is a badge of honor and key to the band's creativity, their urgency. They infuse punk rock with Celtic instruments—violin, mandolin and the accordion—and they merge blues progressions with grinding guitars and traditional Irish music, the music of King's youth. "We're not a traditional band," explains Dublin-born King. "We are influenced by traditional music and inspired by it, but without question we put our own twist on it." Theirs is music of exile and rebellion, of struggle and history and protest. It's music of a country torn down the middle, a deeply beautiful and wounded country that knows no quit, and Flogging Molly pays homage to that resolve in every note. Whether it's a driving anthem like "Black Friday Rule" or the upbeat duet with Lucinda Williams, "Factory Girls", the band's only criteria for its music is simple and bone-deep: that it matter.

    • Afro Celt Sound System

      Afro Celt Sound System

      When Afro Celt Sound System burst onto the music scene some 15 years ago their impact was so instant, so astounding, that it hit like a thunder crack. Here was a band unlike anything else, a band whose fusion of West African rhythms, Irish traditional music and cutting-edge dance grooves battered the senses and unleashed a wellspring of joy and liberation. Festival audiences did a double take then danced like dervishes. Albums flew off the shelves. There were awards. Grammy nominations. Star turns on big film soundtracks.

    • The Joy Formidable

      The Joy Formidable

      Not a lot goes down in Casco, Maine. In the winter months, this sequestered hamlet around 30 miles from Portland in the North Eastern most tip of the United States acquires a Siberian stillness as suffocating snow descends and carpets this eerily remote and reclusive region.Yet it was to a forest just outside Casco that The Joy Formidable singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan and bassist Rhydian Dafydd retired at the start of 2012 to dream up their magnificent second album,Wolf’s Law, a record that teems with imagination, yearning and a Carpe Diem restlessness.“It was just the two of us in this isolated spot where we hardly saw anybody else all the time we were there,” says Ritzy. “It snowed every day and the surroundings and the solitude gave us a different level of intensity.“We had no phone signal, no wi-fi – it was fucking bliss! It is Stephen King country up there and we worried that we’d turn into The Shining and cave each other’s heads in. But it was very still, very beautiful – and in a strange way it reminded us of our home area of North Wales.”Wolf’s Lawis a driven, hugely emotive record, an alluring and attitudinal follow-up to The Joy Formidable’s keenly received 2011 debut,The Big Roar. It’s an album that was recorded in very different circumstances to its predecessor, both geographically and emotionally.“We had a very difficult period in our personal lives making The Big Roar,” says Rhydian. “Ritzy’s parents were going through a very painful, long-drawn-out divorce and also we lost both close friends and family. We made it in very tight, enclosed studio spaces and it made it a very frustrated and aggressive record.“With Wolf’s Law, some of the difficult personal circumstances have been resolved, so while there is still aggression there, the record is a lot more harmonious and focussed. It helped that we were completely lost in nature in Maine because it is really an album about reconnecting – with yourself,with nature and with spirituality.”Such heavyweight and profound themes run through Wolf’s Law like a pulse. The album’s audacious reach and ambition is clear in the extraordinary film that The Joy Formidable commissioned for its title track: a breathtaking sequence of monochrome images of birth, death and the natural world.“That track (Wolf's Law) was always meant as an art piece, we wanted to make a visual that introduced the mood of the record. It's a song about encouragement, reawakening hope and knowing that time is precious,” says Ritzy. “It's very aware of its own mortality and how fleeting a moment can be.”

    • Alabama 3

      Alabama 3

      We're the Alabama 3. We make Sweet Pretty Muthaf#*@in Country Acid House Music. All night long. We're not from Alabama, and there's not three of us. We're from Brixton, London. We're the fellas that did that Soprano's theme tune. That tune bought someone a swimming pool, but it sure wasn't any of us...

    • New Model Army

      New Model Army

      This is a remarkable band - as hungry and focused as ever, with a continually regenerating audience and insatiable creative ambition.

    • Oysterband


      Oysterband make a modern, folk-based British music, acoustic at heart, sometimes intense, sometimes rocking. Since 1978 they've toured in 35 countries - festivals, concerts, bars, rallies, jails, bring 'em on! - and made 12 studio albums.

      Music for the head, the heart & the trousers. And still improving in the bottle.

      Oysterband return to Solfest 2013 after playing at our very first Solfest 10 years ago.

    • Neck


      With their backgrounds in Traditional Irish music, Shane MacGowan's Popes & the legendary London Punk scene, this London-Irish 6-piece's fine pedigree led to them blending a now world-renowned brew of uplifting Irish swirl & ballsy Punk swagger. Plus, typical London inclusiveness & Clash-inspired social awareness saw their Anti-racism anthem 'Everybody's welcome to The Hooley!' hit the UK charts. Also releasing three albums & touring extensively, their kick-arse, high-energy live show has made them firm festival favourites (Glastonbury six times!) across three continents! Thus, they've gained famous fans, a movie appearance, musical collaborations & recognition (& the respect of their U.S. contemporaries) as one of the leading bands of the Celtic/Folk Punk scene. Neck are, simply, the real deal. Sin é.

      "Manic psycho-ceilídh from the London-Irish heirs to the Pogues' legacy. …not for the faint-hearted, this is incendiary, belligerent stuff" Hot Press, Ireland

    • Deaf School

      Deaf School

      Deaf School are an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1973. Between 1976 and 1978 they recorded three albums for the Warner Brothers label, in an art rock style that had its roots in cabaret, moving towards a harder punk rock sound. The band split in 1978 but have since been recognized as an important influence on many British musicians. According to Frankie Goes To Hollywood singer Holly Johnson: "They revived Liverpool music for a generation."[1] The journalist, author and founder of Mojo, Paul Du Noyer, went further: "In the whole history of Liverpool music two bands matter most, one is The Beatles and the other is Deaf School."

    • Twisted Wheel

      Twisted Wheel

      Twisted Wheel formed in February 2007 in Saddleworth, Greater Manchester by guitarist and singer Jonny Brown and bassist Rick Lees, later joined by drummer Adam Clarke. Frontman Jonny Brown heard the name in a Paul Weller track "Into Tomorrow", where the lyrics say "Round and round like a twisted wheel, Spinning in attempt to find the feel" and thought it suited the music. Twisted Wheel were booked as one of the support acts for Oasis's 2009 Heaton Park concerts. Embraced for their strong melodies, psychedelic themes and Brown's irreverent poignant lyrics, the band gained a following amongst old mods/punks and younger heads looking for music which represented their generation.

      They were labelled as punk rock although influences span folk and 50s/60s bands too. Twisted Wheel cite Davy Graham, Bob Dylan, The Stooges The Small Faces, The Who, The Jam, The Rolling Stones and Oasis among their main influences. The band signed to Columbia Records in January 2008. Their first single, "She's A Weapon", was released in April 2008 to high acclaim by Radio 1's Zane Lowe, NME and Q. Their follow-up record, a four-track EP entitled You Stole The Sun, was released in July 2008. The band's debut album Twisted Wheel, produced in Los Angeles by Dave Sardy (producer of Oasis' Dig Out Your Soul and Don't Believe The Truth) was recorded in June 2008 and released on 13 April 2009.

      The first single from the album, "Lucy The Castle", was released in November 2008, with the follow-up, "We Are Us", released in March 2009. Their sound has been described[as old school gritty rock 'n' roll reminiscent of the early Jam.

      The band have been noted as "a breath of fresh air" by Liam Gallagher. They also have a fan in Paul Weller, who came to watch them at London's 100 Club and invited the band on his summer forest tour in 2009. He has also offered the use of his studios for any recordings. They have commercially-used covers of The Jam's 'That's Entertainment' and The Zombies 'She's Not there'. Their music ranges from the ballads of real characters and situations ('Strife', 'Bouncing Bomb') to punk anthems like 'Oh What Have You Done'.

    • Ahab


      Winners – Best Group – Spiral Earth Awards 2012

      “They are blistering live – alt-country edge and sheer class.”

      Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

      “ahab is the real deal – top-notch”

      Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 2

      Following the release of their self-recorded 2009 CD a.h.a.b., Callum Adamson (Guitar & Vocals) and Dave Burn (Guitar & Vocals) were invited to play a residency at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge – Nashville Tn. They asked Seebs Llewellyn (Bass & Vocals) and Luke Price (Mandolin & Vocals to join them and create a larger, richer sound. After playing together for two weeks, the band as we now know it, formed.

      ahab returned to London and spent two months busking, which is where their sound took shape – Four part harmonies over great songs. The band created a stir and were warned by Police not to perform at markets again as the crowds were becoming a hazard.

      In August 2010 ahab played Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival on the strength of a YouTube video of them busking. ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris watched them storm the 15,000 strong crowd from the side of the stage and invited them there and then to record a session for his show. At this point ahab had not released any material for purchase.

      In November 2010 ahab released the “No King” e.p. This consequently led to legendary producer John Leckie (Radiohead, The Stone Roses, Rodrigo y Gabriela) recording their “KMVT” e.p which was released on Navigator Records in October 2011. BBC Radio 2 enthusiastically supported the key track “Wish You” with regular prime time plays.

      ‘KMVT’ was also rush-released into the Scandinavian territories as a result of the excitement ahab created at Denmark’s Tonder Festival. “Wish You” was play-listed on Denmark’s national radio station, NPR4.

      Throughout the summer 2011, ahab were building a name for themselves performing at over 25 festivals both at home and abroad and then in November 2011, ahab joined Navigator stable-mates Bellowhead as guests on their sell-out UK tour playing to 20k people.

      ahab spent 2012 on the road in the UK, Europe and Australia.

      Because of their extensive touring schedule the current band have yet to release a debut studio album (planned for 2013) and thanks to overwhelming demand from their fan base they released in October the Live album – “Live in London” – featuring 14 tracks (5 previously unreleased) which is now available on general release. The initial pressing sold out during the pre-release tour!

      ahab release ‘Wits End’, a compilation of re-mastered songs from the No King and KMVT EPs on 6 May on Navigator Records.

      “ahab are so attuned their voices work wonderfully in harmony as well as on their own.”

      Zoe Radas, Beat magazine – Australia

      “Their modern, catchy, guitar-rich alt-country/pop songs really buzz.”

      Martin Chilton – The Telegraph

    • Delhi 2 Dublin

      Delhi 2 Dublin

      Delhi 2 Dublin has played top festivals in Canada, the UK and the U.S. and, in 2011, expanded its horizons to include performances in the Pacific Rim and Europe. A new album and new international touring opportunities all signal that originality and evolution are all part of the Delhi 2 Dublin experience. Described by one magazine as the “United Nations of rock ‘n’ roll”, they have become one of Canada’s most buzzed-about bands. This year will only see them enhancing that reputation. After all…where else are you going to see a kick-ass fiddle player rocking out with a kilt-wearing Korean flanked by two bouncing Bhangra percussionists and a vocalist who looks like he would be at home in a Bollywood music video?

      Turn Up The Stereo is released August 28th 2012 in Canada and February 19th 2013 internationally.

    • N.U.M.B


      N.U.M.B. (Never Underestimate Musical Belief) are an Alternative Hip Hop band storming the UK live music scene with their unrivalled, critically acclaimed approach to classic songwriting blended with urban vibes. Smashing every venue whether large or small, they have notched up an impressive CV with their music featured in film, radio, and countless publications, providing support for artists such as Arrested Development, Peter Andre, Mica Paris and Finley Quaye, gaining sponsorship from UK companies Faith Guitars and The THTC Clothing company, nominated for awards such as Best Album 2011 and Best Live Act 2011 for the SW Music Awards 2011, and performing for people such as Prince Harry, the Journey so far may have been fruitful, but it’s only just begun... The band boast to have written over 200 songs since forming 4 years ago, played over 400 gigs, and covered over 200,000 miles. They’ve performed at 02 Wireless Festival, Glastonbury, Beachbreak Festival to name a few. In their first year they signed the song “Night Time” to the Brit Comedy Film “Three and Out” starring Mckenzie Crook, Colm Meany and Gemma Arterton. They walked the red carpet at London’s Leicester Square for the film premiere, and in the same year, the band got through to the last 30 bands from 10,000 applicants in The O2 Undiscovered Competition. Muse producer Paul Reeve said about their latest album “N.U.M.B. effortlessly combine classic songwriting with urban vibes. The melodies make you think the world’s a wonderful place, the lyrics make you realise it’s not. If you’re not impressed, then you’re just not listening”. Beatles and Queen producer Malcolm Toft said about the band “The best thing I’ve heard in 10 years...”

    • By The Rivers

      By The Rivers

      By The Rivers were formed in Leicester in the Spring of 2010 by Nile Barrow (22) and Jordan Birtles (19), who have been friends since birth. The band quickly became a 6 piece inspired by all genres of music. This outfit of talented youngsters write and perform catchy songs in a reggae style, a genre they have an obvious passion for. They write songs concerning both social and political issues with a positive message.

      Within their first few months of being together By The Rivers had played the Summer Sundae Weekender Festival in Leicester to a packed MUSICIAN Stage, the press hailing them as one of the highlights of the festival. The band rapidly became popular to the local promoters and word spread across the midlands about this new young band. By the end of 2010 By The Rivers had supported the likes of The Beat, The Buzzcocks, Neville Staple, Toploader, Dawn Kinnard and Fun Lovin’ Criminals (on two of their September 2010 tour at Norwich UEA and Cambridge The Junction).

      The start of 2011 saw the band play an acoustic set on the BBC Radio Nottingham show The Beat. This led to the band performing at T in the Park on the BBC Introducing Stage as well as several other festivals around the UK such as Y Not Festival, Leefest and Summer Sundae Weekender. Support slots kept coming as their name kept growing with them supporting Maxi Priest, Dawn Penn, Musical Youth and John Holt. All of this without management the band continued their year with bigger things to come such as being personally asked by guitarist Lynval Golding to support 2 Tone records legends, The Specials on their 15 date UK Arena Tour in October of 2011. Without a second thought the band jumped at this opportunity.

    • Victorian Trout Conspiracy

      Victorian Trout Conspiracy

      We challenge you not to skank about like a possesed kangaroo to the Victorian Trout Conspiracy. Making their first Solfest appearance, the VTC promise to bring a set of infectiously catchy ska infused ditties that whatever the weather this ten piece force of nature will deliver a truly sublime experience.

      The Victorian Trout Conspiracy are renowned for their energetic live performances and musical prowess and in less than a year have become one of Edinburgh's most recognised and loved bands and have SOLD OUT multiple venues in Scotlands capital.

      This will be one very high energy performance that'll leave you all dumbstruck and in awe with the Trouts gravity defying antics and pied piper like brass lines drawing in the masses.

      Don't believe us? Check out their facebook www.facebook.com/victoriantroutconspiracy

      Let's be havin' yeh!!

    • Birds vs Planes

      Birds vs Planes

      Birds vs Planes are an alt-indie band from the North of England, consisting of Adam, Ben, Blake, Jenny & Neil.

      Their mix of angular inide & lyrical melody has helped them gain support from BBC Introducing, resulting in a slot at Radio Ones Big Weekend & most recently with Tom Robison (BBC 6) selecting their single, "Relative Worth", for his Best of Introducing Mix Tape, as well as tour supports alongside the likes of Glasvegas, Mystery Jets, The Cure, New Order & others.

      BvP have just released their debut EP "Narrow Angles" and is available now & streaming in full - https://soundcloud.com/musicbakery/sets/birds-vs-planes-narrow-angles

    • Jakarta Club

      Jakarta Club

      Jakarta Club are an indie-pop four piece from the north west.

      Youthful, bright melodies with a hint of 80's indie are matched with driving rhythms and inventive bass lines to give their live performances a hell of a kick.

      For four years on and off the band have been working together under the guise of Jakarta Club; it took 2012 however for JC to really find its musical feet.

      2012 brought a BBC Introducing live session, festival appearances both here in the UK and Europe, gigs all over the North & Midlands including supporting slots for The Dub Pistols and the release of their self-titled debut EP recorded at Grange Farm Studios.

  • Drystone Stage

    • Home Service

      Home Service

      Can you remember the last time you heard a band who really had something to sing about, and something to say? If you can't, don't worry, because Home Service is once again back in business. The reunion of this classic band has proved to be a thoroughly resounding success, receiving ecstatic ovations from audiences, old and new alike. 2012 culminated in their award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for Best Live Act - truly the icing on the cake! This is English folk music at its finest - political, inspirational, joyous and uplifting. What music was invented for, and definitely not to be missed.

    • New Rope String Band

      New Rope String Band

      Once seen, never forgotten: combining superb musicianship with
      side-splitting comic genius, the New Rope String Band are truly
      unique entertainers. Elements of circus, clowning, vaudeville,
      slapstick and sheer inspired silliness are spliced with beautiful
      acoustic music from various world traditions, in precision-honed yet
      uproarious performances that have delighted audiences from
      Borneo's Sarawak rainforest to the Shetland Folk Festival. Equally at
      home in tiny village halls or on major festival stages, these maniac
      minstrels are now touring again as a three-piece, mixing up long-time
      favourite routines with ever-evolving new material. From musical
      tennis to deconstructed nursery rhymes, Python-esque absurdism to
      pyrotechnics and live, interactive film, expect the hilariously

    • Tankus The Henge

      Tankus The Henge

      "Like The Clash from New Orleans," Tankus the Henge are six sharp-dressed and bedraggled gentlemen hailing from some of the more eccentric parts of London Town. Their music draws from a multitudinous array of influences including rock, ragtime, reggae, blues, funk, disco, gypsy punk and Django. With a big beat and a carnival air it will get you dancing the tango.

      With wailing horns and a steaming piano in tow, Tankus the Henge have toured the far reaches of America, Europe, Albania and the Isle of Wight, bringing with them their electrical energy and fascinating tales of wonder and woe.

    • The Young 'Uns

      The Young 'Uns

      After bursting onto the folk scene 3 years ago, The Young’uns have fast become one of the most popular, entertaining and sought after live acts today. With bags of charm, talent, and an abiding enthusiasm for traditional song, Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Michael Hughes bring freshness and dynamism to their arrangements of close harmony songs, both with and without accompaniment.

      Everything from traditional sea and working songs to more recent compositions is present in their repertoire, and is delivered with originality and flair. They are effortlessly entertaining, with an irreverent sense of humour that engages any audience.

    • Gerry Richardson's Big Idea

      Gerry Richardson's Big Idea is a dynamic nine-piece Hammond organ based band exploring the jazz organ genre to the max! Soul, Gospel, Funk, Swing and Samba are all part of the mix. The most rollicking jazz-soul ensemble imaginable, like a Geordie riposte to Tower of Power. Their musicianship is so on-the-money they'll make you laugh out loud with delight. Simply some of the NE's finest jazz musicians at the absolute top of their game.

    • Holy Moly and The Crackers

      Holy Moly and The Crackers

      "THey call it circus folk..." Holy Moly and The Crackers are influenced by a wide range of styles and artists; the honest grit and gravel of Woody Guthrie, the gypsy bone-cage burlesque of Gogol Bordello, the spectral clarity of Laura Marling. As such they play a lively, moonshine mix of Romani, Americana and contemporary British ‘folk’n’roll’.

    • Jaywalkers


      The past year has seen Jaywalkers – BBC Young Folk Award finalists 2009 – cement their place as one of the most exciting, virtuosic and entertaining young bands working on the British folk scene. Creating a unique sound based on their collective and individual musical backgrounds, the band takes influence from folk, bluegrass, country and western swing music in the form of virtuosic instrumentals, three part harmony and occasional slap bass. Add good humour, tasteful arrangements and exceptional musicianship to the mix and they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They released their second CD – Early for a Thursday – in June to coincide with a very busy summer that took in over 24 festivals, including a CD selling out performance in front of 2000 people at Shrewsbury folk festival and finishing 3rd at the European World of Bluegrass in Holland – making them officially (ish) the 3rd best band in Europe! "Astounding abilities and proficient talents... the chemistry between them is electrifying.... they show the world, being young holds no boundaries" Maverick Magazine

    • Pikey Beatz

      Pikey Beatz

      The very welcome return to the Drystone Stage  of fantastic 7 piece Ska/Reggae band from Northumberland. Pikey Beatz are a fun and energetic band that can get a crowd moving with a smile on their face at the same time.

    • Wierdstring Band

      Sticking two fingers up the musical outlet, and playing with the switch! The Wierdstring boys are back and they're taking no prisoners... Cos they’ve got nowhere to keep them, and don't really bear any grudges either. Ready, willing and able to render audiences helpless with laughter and amazement, the Wierdstring boys return to unleash their annual mass ceilidh on an eager Drystone audience.

    • Paddy Garrigan Band

      Paddy Garrigan Band

      Three piece folk/rock/grunge/punk band led by the Wierdstring Band's Paddy Garrigan and his fantastic original songs. Need one say more..?

    • Fiona Clayton and Band

      Fiona Clayton and Band

      A firm Solfest favourite, Penrith singer / song writer returns to the Drystone Stage with her band for what is bound to be a festival highlight. Don't miss her sweet voice and wonderful arranegements: "Fiona’s style, very much aimed at her own generation of music-lover is cutting-edge, sweet, passionate, charged with the vulnerable strength of youthful falsetto, breaky and full of acceptable flats, quavers and vibrato." (Andy Keogh)

    • Ginger Snap and The Style Pile

      Ginger Snap and The Style Pile

      A tight funk outfit from the NE, featuring the distinctive soul voice of Joanne Robson and a band of startlingly good up-and-coming 'faces' from the NE jazz / funk scene.

    • Natural Causes

      Natural Causes

      A quartet of multi-talented musicians, where all the band sing and from time to time play melodica and other instruments. Ambient grooves and surprising improvised textures wraparound songs with loving care, the evocative sound of the Fender Rhodes and the quack of the melodica enveloping trumpet, guitar and drums. Delightful and unusual - expect the unexpected...

    • Room Full of Mirrors

      The inimitable Room Full Of Mirrors draw upon every rootsy genre they can get their grubby little mitts on, from Celtic tunes to reggae grooves, Eastern European vibes to Americana, Middle Eastern sounds to English folk music, drawing it all together with a pop sensibility and an infectious groove...

    • Stooshie


      Keswick-based Stooshie (defnitely not to be confused with current one-hit wonders with a similar name, hem-hem) are a four-piece, modern folk band to get you dancing. Often described as 'funked-up folk' they play a mix of re-worked traditional tunes and original compositions with eclectic influences ranging from classical to rock, jazz to reggae. This least year has seen them spreading their wings more across the UK, so expect a band on great form!

    • Striding Edge

      Striding Edge

      Prominent in the revival of traditional Cumbrian music, Striding Edge deliver a feast of roots music sourced from and inspired by the stark Eastern moors and mountainous central valleys of Lakeland. Eighteen years of playing the community venues of Cumbria and North Lancashire have forged Striding Edge into one of the hottest roots bands around: a people’s firm favourite for their energy-packed concerts.

    • The Balkanics

      The Balkanics

      Formed in 2007 out of a common interest in eastern European music, the Lancaster-based Balkanics bring a wide range of musical influences to bear upon traditional dance tunes in order to produce a sound that is very much of their own making. Expect to hear arresting tunes and inscrutable rhythms drawn from the Klezmer tradition, Brittany, Bulgaria and beyond.

    • The Coast Road

      The Coast Road

      Beautifully simple and stylish acoustic jazz-folk arrangements of an eclectic range of songs from the head and heart of Dave Camlin, given light and space by a versatile and accomplished band of fine musicians. The astonishing fretwork of Paul (Baghdaddies) Susans on bass, and Brendan Murphy’s arsenal of unusual percussion - including the remarkable sauvignon-blanc-o-phone – underpin Rachel Cross’ dextrous fiddle, and their close harmonies make for soaring, elegiac music of simple beauty.

    • Shipcote and Friends

      Shipcote and Friends

      One of the founders of Newcastle's Jumpin' Hot Club, 'Shippy' "writes songs that are warm, humane and down to earth - and also leavened with a little gentle humour - definitely something of a hidden treasure." (John Davey)

      Relaxing music for a summer's afternoon, performed by a first-class band of versatile musicians, sit back in the grass and revel in some lovely songs played with warmth and tenderness.

    • Charlie Grey and Pablo Lafuente

      Charlie Grey and Pablo Lafuente

      Folk newcomers Charlie and Pablo blew audiences away at Celtic Connections this year, so prepare to be knocked out by one of the best new young fiddle / guitar duos to come out of Scotland in recent years!

    • Rod Sinclair

      Rod Sinclair

      Rare solo set from Big Idea guitar virtuoso who's played with Kathryn Tickell as well as bands like The East Side Torpedoes. Renowned as a guitar teacher across the UK, Rod's versatiilty on the guitar is simply a joy to behold. Tasteful and very accomplished.

    • Dawn and Wal

      Dawn and Wal

      Every once in a while two people come together in the music world to create a magical experience. Dawn and Wal, an acoustic duo from Darlington, Co Durham are just that. Together they create music that just stops you in your tracks and makes you want to listen. Last year, they wowed the audience on the Open Mic stage, so we're delighted to give them the exposure they deserve on the Drystone!

    • Secret Violins

      Secret Violins

      Secret Violins are an up-and-coming all-girl folk group. They all know the secret of the violin, but only one can really express it...
      Sweet and harmonious, with a set ranging from traditional North Eastern Folk songs to folk covers of well known pop classics as well as originals, they promise to bring the sunshine out with their rich harmonies and lovely arrangements.

    • Sid Wright

      Sid Wright

      Perenially popular Cumbria singer songwriter returns to the Drystone Stage with a fresh clutch of original songs to break your heart and then smile it back together. “Sometimes funny, always thought provoking and extremely heart warming this is a beautiful debut from an artist whose lyrics and voice are years beyond his actual age. A must listen no matter what musical genre you prefer…this album will make you smile!” (iTunes review)

    • Heart of Ash

      Heart of Ash

      Following on from last year's sucecss, this year's 'Community Musical' features some easy-to-learn songs that you can join in with, woven into a story about 'Patrick's Ash' (Aspatria). Bring your voices, instruments, dancing feet and sense of fun for a journey into the legends surrounding one of our oldest native trees, currently under dire threat of extinction. For more info, or to get hold of rehearsal MP3s and lyrics heets to print off beforehand, contact drystone@solfest.org.uk.

    • Moss Troopers

      Tim Elvin’s folk ‘army’ of musicians from west Cumbria and beyond return to the Drystone with their own quirky mix of Tim’s cleverly constructed folk tunes. Lots of the best local musicians playing tunes written specially for Solfest - now in their 7th year!

    • Yan Tan

      A welcome return to the Drystone Stage for Cockermouth’s own dynamic young folk band.

    • The Social Ignition

      The Social Ignition

      A mighty eight-piece Ska/Reggae band from Leicester. Guaranteed to roll up in a bus full of bass, brass ‘n booze with an arsenal of get-up/get-down skankin’ beats, ready to set alight any stage that dare have ‘um.

      This Ska fusion band has a melting pot of musical influences, from Folk to Funk, Jazz and Punk but always with a main focus on Reggae, Ska and Two-tone. The broad range in musical interests and influences of the band members adds to their interesting, diverse sound and makes their genre more difficult to categorise. With a little bit of something for everyone, from skank-tastic brass to funkadelic guitar licks, they really are an 'aural treat' and something 'not to be missed'.

  • Dance Tent

    • Krafty Kuts

      Krafty Kuts

      Krafty Kuts, real name Martin Reeves, is the multi-award winning DJ/producer and the undisputed King of breaks. Acclaimed in the UK, adored in Australia, admired in North America, Krafty is a living legend of electronic music. His multi-genre sets, dexterity on the decks and dedication to dancefloor hedonism have earned him hierarchy status in every genre of electronic music.

    • Utah Saints

      Utah Saints

      Solfest favorites and dance music legends UTAH SAINTS return to the dance tent this year. 

      described as “2 of the most clued up Djs we have ever met”  by iDJ Magazine

      while BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac  rightly said “They Pioneered Rave”,

      these guys really know how to bring the party!

    • DJ Yoda

      DJ Yoda

      DJ Yoda was instrumental in creating the bootleg ‘cut-up’ mixing style. Whilst most other ‘superstar’ DJ’s were macho-postulating and demanding huge fees, Yoda was doing it for laughs… Nearly a decade later, in an era of playlist-skipping and remixes of bootlegs of bootlegs, he’s more relevant than ever.

    • The Correspondents

      The Correspondents

      DJ/MC duo, The Correspondents. Mr Bruce and Chucks find it difficult to explain exactly what music they make. Into the mixing pot Chucks throws a history of dance music from Jazz to Electro, Rhythm 'n' Blues to Dubstep to Drum’n’Bass, then back again. Seasoned with Mr Bruce’s vocals depicting the trials and errors of Love, Lust and Loss and there you have a menu to be devoured.

      Their live shows explode the structure of a DJ/MC set up with Chucks hurling tracks at the audience and Mr Bruce in fully flamboyant costume whipping them into a frenzy with high speed scatting and incredulous dance moves. And last festival season saw them on main stages with a brass section, an infra-red sensored light box together with the trusty conveyor belt dance platform. This has earned them The Telegraph’s Top Ten Highlights of Glastonbury two years in a row.

    • Eat Static

      Eat Static

      They were one of the UK’s first all live dance acts cutting their teeth at numerous free partie’s and raves in the early nineties plus regularly appearing at the legendary RAGE nights at Heaven alongside such names as Fabio and Grooverider, Carl Cox and also playing many of the early incarnations of the huge Universe and Tribal Gathering raves.

    • Slamboree Soundsystem

      Slamboree Soundsystem

      Roaming artists & Slamboree honchos Freear & Kathika Rabbit perform an eclectic mashup of Glitch, Electroswing, Dubstep, Ghettofunk, Breaks, DnB, Balkan, Rock & Rave.

      Freear is the producer & founder of Slamboree and has releases on Ape, Dub FX's 'Convoy Unlimited', Definition:Breaks and Smudge Music. Plus a load of free stuff u can grab @ http://soundcloud.com/freear
      & http://soundcloud.com/slamboree

      Kathika Rabbit has sung on bills with the likes of Krafty Kuts, Subsource, Freq Nasty, Aquasky, Skream, Dub Pistols and Shy FX to name but a few.
      Her diverse vocal style has moulded over the years including huge soul glass smashing sounds, to soft haunting tweets, to fast ass spittin and metal growls!
      This is a vocalist powerhouse, buxom dreaded diva, provocative and unsettling breakbeat Barbarella who knows how to work a crowd into a frenzy!
      Slamboree were nominated this year for an International Breakbeat award for 'Best Live Act' and Freear has been voted for "Best Breakthrough DJ"

      ? www.facebook.com/slamboree ? www.slamboree.com
      ? www.youtube.com/slamboreemusic
      ? www.soundcloud.com/slamboree
      ? www.twitter.com/slamboreemusic

    • Brother Bear

      Brother Bear

      Leading the Electro Swing revolution into Teesside Brother Bear brings with him an eclectic mix of underground tunes mixed with a festival style. Playing every genre from the swing explosion, expect to hear some of the best in Electro Swing mixed in to Swing Hop with a little Swing Glitch and Swing Step thrown in for good measure. Expect to see this guy around in the undergound club & festival circuit next year.

    • Middleman


      “Completely original and unbelievably powerful. Think Rage Against The Machine meets The Streets with huge choruses!” Keeley Gray (NME TV)

      "Middleman make bouncy, vibrant, ridiculously catchy tunes that stand out a mile from everything else around at the moment." - Huw Stephens RADIO ONE

      "Imagine if 'Parklife’ was fatter, dirtier, sexier & you could dance to it rather than just jump up & down" Alex Baker (Kerrang Radio )

      “I really rate Middleman, they're a very exciting live band" Chris Denman (XFM Live)

    • DJ Templehead

      DJ Templehead

      DJ Templehead (Dom) is founder and resident DJ of the seminal 90's Leeds Trance/Techno club 'Templehead' and will be playing Techno, Electro, squelchy, bendy, noises, classics and more. The Templehead club ran monthly from 96 to 2001 playing underground trance and techno and featured guest DJ's and live acts including Chris Liberator, Lab 4, Oberon, Beamish, Aaron Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Roland the Bastard, K90, Micheal Dog, DJ Evolution, The Secret and many more from the 90's party scene. Dom was also a resident DJ with the legendary Megadog and regularly played slots at their parties in Leeds and Manchester plus festivals including the Eclipse Festival, the Beach Festival and Womad. Vote Techno Party!



    • Mr Psik & G-Cut

      Mr Psik & G-Cut

      Mr. Psik's sound represents a breaks fuelled hybrid born from the combined effects of a love of Evil Drum’n’Bass, an obsession with the lowest realms of bass frequency, years on the free party scene and many happy hours spent pootling around on a skateboard. And eating the odd baby.

    • C.L.U DJ's

      C.L.U DJ's

      C.L.U DJ's aka Wakeem Coderro and Stu Angus these two have been wowing crowds for over 15 years as individual dj's all over the country with some of the biggest names in dance like Andy Farley, Lab 4, The Orb, Mark EG plus many more!!
      Since forming C.L.U DJ's 18 months ago they have had great recognition for their unique sets of Minimal Tech House / Techno playing at Beaverfest, Riff Raff, Sin:ergy an Goodgreef plus many more!! Thier productions are starting to cause a stir as well with new releases coming thick an fast!!
      Their unique style of throbbing Tech House basslines with dark Techno hooks keep the crowds on their toe's an are sure to blow the roof off!!!

    • Nem


      Nem selects an eclectic mix of music, making each set she plays different to the next. She plays a mixture of funk, soul, hiphop, ska, and party classics. Reggae and Dancehall is her love and 8 years ago she started up a night in Essex called 'Rum and Pineapple'. Nem is now based in Edinburgh, taking her night with her and has a residency set in The Jazz Bar. She is a regular festival DJ and has played at Beatherder, Kelburn Garden Party, Eden, Insider, and has played at Solfest since it started. Check her out in The Dogs in Space too.

    • Cumfy Mc & The Hobo

      Cumfy Mc & The Hobo

      A pair of musical minds seperated by a moon sign & the Scotish border line. Collectivly these 2 have nearly 30yrs dj/partying experience... This is the evolution of that experience in the making. Sometime promoters, soundsystem crew, DJ's, selectors, hosts, compares, entertainers, musicians & noise makers. United by a love of open, spontaneous, unedited, creative, conscious & kaotic freedom of expression & cosmic channeling of the GROOVE... through the medium of playing other peoples records & mashin them up...! 

    • Gravity Cops

      Gravity Cops

      Local collaboration consisting of Solfest Regular “Deaf Eric” and music producer Nick “Super Cell” Graham, Gravity Cops are here to enhance your Dance Tent experience.
      Playing the latest in Big Bass festival killers and pumping Electro, theres really no excuse not to get your dancing boots on!

    • Deaf Eric (live)

      Deaf Eric (live)

      Deaf Eric is a DJ/Producer from West Cumbria. His debut live performance at Solfest combines Synthesis, Drum machines and live improvised remixes. Using a blend of original material and sampled classics to keep you on your toes and dancing.
      Influences on his performance style include The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk and as a Solfest resident Deaf Eric has performed alongside the likes of Plump DJs, Utah Saints and The Freestylers. Creating a fusion of his influences on the fly into a unique performance every time.

    • Father Funk

      Father Funk

      "Fresh on the scene bomb making machine" Father Funk has gone from strength to strength in the last year, releasing 7 tracks on six different labels in less than six months, topping the Juno Download breakbeat chart and securing festival slots at Beatherder, Solfest, Sunrise, Ravenstonedale and Kendal Calling. With more releases in the pipeline to follow his massive free EP on the notorious Ghetto Funk label, 2013 is set to be an even bigger year for Father Funk.

    • Gregor Ward

      Gregor Ward

      Whilst studying in Glasgow, Gregor Ward worked part time, sound engineering, at his university's student union. This job gave him the opportunity to take his DJing from his flat to crowded venues and now he makes his festival debut at Solfest 2013

    • Old Boy

      Old Boy

      Old Boy is a northern based dj who lives in the city of carlisle. Its been a busy year so far for him warming up for CRAZY P, Playing at the famous fox in a loft party with SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER and most recently warming the crowd up for GREG WILSON at the wickerman festival. He also spun records in the snug at this years BEAT HERDER festival and a up coming gig will see him playing on the same bill as SASHA.Old Boy sets can see him delve into anything from deep funk to techno with musical influences from moodymann, theo parish, marvin gaye, 6th borough project, danny krivit, arron neville, lee dorsey, underground resistance, derrick carter......... Old Boy has wanted to play the dance tent @ SOLFEST for a number of years and is made up about spinning on the sunday night." Ive played here before on other stages but always wanted to do the dance tent. Its a brilliant local festival for me an i cant wait to play some records on a big stage close to home!!! "

    • KJ's


      KJs are three producers based in Manchester and London. They produce global, tropical bass and house, kuduro, zouk bass, and UK funky.

      “The KJs are no slouches when it comes to thrashing, trashing and mangling beats. Charging maniacally through ?dget, electro, breaks and adding a soupçon of dubstep, they crunch together tracks to create a noisy, bass wobbling blast of a mix. Those who like it raw should investigate now...”

      DJ Magazine

    • Ben-Jamin


      Drummer & DJ - well traveled on the UK Festival circuit.

      Spinning a wide selection of music styles and tempos. Beats & basslines is where it lies.

      Having cut his teeth on the local Cumbrian scene before playing some of the other festival around the country. Such as Glastonbury, Wickerman, Boom Town Fair, *Beat Herder*, Knockengorroch, Shambala and Eden. He returns back to his roots for a Sunday jive up !!

  • Bar Stage

    • The Undertones

      The Undertones

      The Undertones emerged from Derry in 1977, the result of five friends learning how to play guitar and drums in time with someone singing.

      In 1999 The Undertones reconvened, without Feargal Sharkey, to once again perform their two-minute, three and a half chord songs to a new generation of fans in Derry. Fellow Derryman Paul McLoone replaced Sharkey on vocals and his vocal prowess and electric onstage presence soon convinced any doubters that he was more than capable of doing the job. After realizing that playing live was good fun the band repeated the experience in selected locations around the globe.

    • Bombskare


      Edinburgh’s 9 man juggernaut, Bombskare, are firmly established as one of the most explosive and entertaining live acts in the country for their trademark high energy shows. They are masterful musicians and performers. An awesome live band, they steal any show with ease, using breakneck ska rhythms and lush, three-part harmonies with choppy guitar sounds and an explosive horn section to truly blow the audience away.

    • The Roughneck Riot

      The Roughneck Riot

      The Roughneck Riot are a 6 piece Punk band from Warrington UK.
      Influenced by traditional Folk music from around the world, we are reinventing and rewriting Folk music to make sense to our lives today. We write music for people, regardless of race, nationality, age, gender or sexuality. In a country with a government trying to destroy it, and a music industry run by money hungry people who couldnt care less about musicians, we are here as a voice amongst many in the scene ready to be heard.

    • Jeramiah Ferrari

      Jeramiah Ferrari

      Jeramiah Ferrari are a young band based in Leigh near Manchester who fuse together Roots Reggae, Rock, Punk, Ska and Calypso.

      In 2012, they gigged heavily across the UK supporting the likes of‘The English Beat’, ‘The Aggrolites & The Neville Staple Band, and won 2012 Key103 City Soundwave competition appearing in front of a 20,000 strong crowd at the M.E.N Arena. In September they self released "The Dubby Rock EP" which went to number 4 in the iTunes Reggae chart and picked up radio support from BBC Manchester, Key 103 and Rock FM.

      2013 will see them start recording on their debut album, touring the UK and beyond.

    • The Boston Tea Party

      The Boston Tea Party

      The Boston Tea Party are an up and coming four piece band from Dundee, all sharing a mutual passion for playing Blues, R&B, Roots and Folk. Heavily influenced by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac led the band to initially form in January 2011 and were recently in NME Ones to Watch 2013.

    • The Minx

      The Minx

      Taking a frenetic mix of styles from the last 50 years of pop’s past The Minx have been tearing up venues and gaining radio play around the globe building an ever growing fan base. With a reputation for great hooks and an explosive live energy that was captured in their debut single ‘No Friends’ they have gone on to blow audiences away across the UK and Europe, culminating with a home town show at Manchester’s iconic HMV Ritz in winter 2012.

    • Colt 45

      Colt 45

      Three down to earth Northern lads with a burning desire to succeed the old fashioned way – substance over style. COLT 45 formed in 2009, West Cumbria from the ashes of various local bands that both Neil & Gareth played in. Lots of local shows helped to develop a passionate following throughout the early years, attracting Carlisle-based Adam to the band. Upon him joining in November 2010, the three-piece have gone from strength to strength with a hectic touring schedule around the UK and the production of two self-released EP's which have both been released to critical acclaim from the UK's rock press.

    • The Lottery Winners

      The Lottery Winners

      Born in Salford and raised on romance, The Lottery Winners can be found pottering somewhere in-between the blithe of the Beach Boys and the suffering of the Smiths.

    • Thatchers Bush

      Thatchers Bush

      Formed in 2006, Thatchers Bush blast out their punchy 'roots n roll' skank with pure energy and mischief.. dirty killer riffs, melodic hooks and a juggernaut rhythm section provide a band that knows how to grab an audience and hang on to it. Thatchers Bush live shows are an event ! not to be missed !. These fellas may have been round the block but you won't be disappointed. Peace Love Understanding, Viva Da Bush! x

    • Boomin


      Boomin the 3 piece pop/rock band from manchester have been thrashing the live circuit since the release of their debut album Original Junkie in 2012 which went straight into the charts via pure fan power! Having already supported the likes of scouting for girls, the script and mcfly to name a few they decided 2013 was the year to take it to the next level. having represented and won Hard Rock Rising competition for the north of england which see's them potentially win a world tour. this is just the start of their Boomin domination.. with millions of online hits, rave live reviews and more gigs than ever before.. be sure to check these guys out!

    • Carousel Circus

      Carousel Circus

      Young, old and in-between audiences are becoming electrified by heart-on-the-sleeve songs. Melodies steeped in tradition, performed with passion and delivered in a modern tongue. Carousel Circus are a hard-working and established 7-piece band, drowning in imagination yet sailing with a fresh solitary charm

    • The Bluebuds

      The Bluebuds

      The Bluebuds started life through brothers Justin and Kirk Boulton, they have soaked up music
      all their lives giving life to the melting pot that is The Bluebuds sound, learning to play instruments and
      styles way beyond their years. After playing as just a duo for a year The Bluebuds expanded into a fuller band
      sound adding drums and double bass (Scott Fenner, Dan CK) which gave even more life to the songs, the organic sound
      of The Bluebuds is like a timeless thing you will all remember, like a dream of a life untouched by modern ways,
      dancing, drinking and singing under the stars together, songs to make you remember we all matter, songs matter and music is still alive....

    • Nikki Rous

      Nikki Rous

      Nikki Rous sings and plays the guitar.

      What, you need more? Well, what if we said that she writes and performs heartfelt acoustic songs, sometimes by herself and sometimes with any number of passing musician friends who may be in the vicinity? Do we need to say she’s shared the bill with the likes of Supergrass, Roisin Murphy, Level 42, The Pogues, Tom Robinson, Scott Matthews and Nerina Pallot, at venues like Wolves Civic Hall, The Robin 2,The Glee Club and countless music festivals? She also recently warmed up the audience for Jamiroquai at Birmingham’s LG Arena Forum.

    • Missarioty


      Since forming in 2010, Missarioty has progressed from an acoustic duo to a 4-piece indie rock/alternative band. We enjoy playing our music at any given opportunity that we have and we are very passionate about what we do. We pride ourselves on being a band with strong roots and an original sound that we feel makes us unique to other surrounding bands, enabling us to deliver our fresh new approach to music. Our debut EP was released in 2012 and we have been labelled as a band “not to miss” in the Cumbrian “What’s on Guide” magazine.

    • 13 Stars

      13 Stars

      Based in the Border City of Carlisle, Cumbria (UK) the band derive their name from the Betsy Ross Flag (itself an act of Rebellion and Revolution) and look to rebel against artistic restraints and being pigeon holed. 13 Stars’ ethos is to play passionately what they want, when they want and how they want, resulting in playing their own compositions with the odd nod to Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd thrown in.
      This is the mark 2 version of the band led by the enigmatic Matt “Hoss” Thompson - vocals, mandolin, keys, guitar, banjo; Jax Sedgwick (ex Tropical Fruit Disaster) – guitar; Andrew Bates (ex Feed Me, MT Arms) - drums/percussion and Matty Eden (ex Tropical Fruit Disaster) – bass and vocals
      Their recent third album titled “Way Dju” again features the poetic and thought provoking lyrics of Hoss but with Jax providing a dual guitar attack and a driving power provided by the dynamic rhythm section of Matty and Andrew, the feel is much rockier.

      They have supported Aynt Skynyrd, Fish on selected Fishheads tour dates and also John Waite, Dan Reed, It Bites, Mick Pini and Jon Amor Blues Group.

    • Life In A Glasshouse

      Life In A Glasshouse

      Life in a Glasshouse are a four piece Alternative Indie Rock band from Carlisle. Their use of tasteful drumming, riffs, melodic bass-lines and varied vocal styles really set them apart from others in the area. In their time as a band They have supported bands such as The Twang, House Of Three Hands and Birds Vs Planes and played along side of bands such as The Pigeon Detectives, Sound Of Guns and Ocean Color Scene.

    • David Kay

      David Kay

      A young acoustic singer/songwriter from Cumbria, influenced by Jake Bugg, Bob Dylan and Arctic Monkeys

    • The 45's

      The 45's

      Welcome to The 45s. High octane Rhythm & Blues by four schoolmates from Carlisle, UK. Metaphorically stepping straight from a 1950's time machine, sent from Chicago’s deep Southside and crash landing in Cumbria, the group come vocally and visually inspired by the sentiment and character of the 50's. Harnessing their songwriting talent with an explosive repertoire of classic sounds and lyrics, the band pass an admirable nod to international legends including Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley, together with the outrageous techniques of guitar hero Wilko of Dr. Feelgood. The band formed in early 2012, and comprises James Green (lead vocals/saxophone/ harmonica), Tom Hamilton-Hughes (lead guitar/vocals), Joe Wyatt (bass guitar/vocals) and Bailey Claringbold (drums) Our passion is to write and perform music. We love Blues, Rock n Roll and any music with Soul!

    • Project 9

      Project 9

      Project 9 are a 5 piece alternative punk rock/ska (with a touch of reggae) band from West Cumbria. The current line up have been together since January 2013, their lyrics are typically poetic, which describe personal issues and also views on life & the world that are important to them. Described as honest, deep and maybe sometimes a bit controversial.
      This year Project 9 will be playing gigs, which has been described as very energetic, along side such bands like the Enemy, the View, Sounds of Guns and the Farm. They have been very busy recently writing, recording and preparing for gigs.

    • Humanism


      Humanism are a fresh and exciting ambient/alternative rock band from the north east of England. Formed originally as a solo project in 2009, Humanism became a complete line up in 2012. The band consists of members Andi Anderson (singer-songwriter), Phil Wallace (guitar), Pip Coates (bass) and Tim Carr (drums). They are currently playing from their 2012 self-titled debut album.

    • The Indices

       The Indices

      The Indices: formed in Dorset exhaling classic song writing in the vein of Lennon, Cobain and Elliott Smith. "We're all doing some air drumming here...the tune had a touch of The Beatles Helter Skelter to it." Simon Price - Rock and Pop Critic, The Independent (BBC Introducing)

    • Happy Daggers

      Happy Daggers

      Soul and Disco influenced indie rock 4 piece based in Leeds and gaining a reputation in the area for their live perfomances. EP, Reverse Rewind, is available on Spotify. Music that'll get you moving
      "one of the acts on the scene" - Leeds Music Scene

    • The Ambersons

      The Ambersons
    • The Muff Wigs

      The Muff Wigs

      A 5-piece punk rock band playing a mix of our own songs and some covers of quality punk rock tunes that most bands round our way don't touch. If you like your punk rock dangerous and in your face but not overly serious then this is the band for you

  • Dogs in Space



      With a combination of live kora, guitar, percussion, vocals, synths and electronics, Afriquoi draw on a range of African styles fused with futuristic UK dance music drawing on house, dubstep, soca, garage and glitch.




      As a complete contrast to his dance tent set, Eat Static's Merv Pepler joins us for a groovy late-night live journey into the dub, trip hop and world music realms of his unique sound.



      Inspired by the sonic pioneers of the late 60s and early 70s, Syd Arthur seamlessly mix bucolic, retro reveries, sweeping folk, fleet-fingered mandolin work and a musical vocabulary that’s as fluently conversant with world music as it is the time signature twists of Soft Machine.

      Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsuB4IXEJz8&list=PL5C54684F5055A31B



      Born from Inner Space and on a journey of cosmic proportions, , United Vibrations’ afro-beat-in-a-punk-style musicianship and poetry-come-philosophy lyrics strike a cord with people from all walks of life, regardless of backgrounds. Cosmodelic Afro-Punk, Mulatto music, whatever you want to call it - it is HERE and it is NOW!

      Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orTqaHEG6x8

    • POLAROID 85

       POLAROID 85

      Polaroid 85 combine haunting vocals, deep bass, intricate orchestral layers and glitchy samples to create downtempo, cinematic music. Their soulful, piano-led compositions are infused with elements of jazz, drum’n’bass, dubstep, broken-beat, world, classical and folk music, taking the listener on a varied sonic journey.

      Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1tDj_iN6b8



      Drawing on influences from the classic 60s supergroups of Coltrane, Tyner, Monk & Mingus mixed with the contemporary vibes of The Cinematic Orchestra, Sleepwalker and Soil & Pimp Sessions, Marley Chingus produce a mesmerising and intense jazz sound.

      Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp8bREFbANg



      A large measure of soul, a generous handful of funk with a dash of jazz for good measure is Templebys' recipe for a storming, phunked-up workout



      A booty shaking, mind-bending mix-up of heavy dub and psychedelic modal jazz, brought to you by a mischievous collective of jazz dissidents and session musician monsters from across the country.

      Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJsbT_p-zPs

    • Other DJ's Including

      Axis, Andy P, John Tree, Red Tin Dave, Ben Invasion, Templehead, Varda, Michael Dog, Mr Hovis, Sanscrypt, The Wise Goldfish, Tim Hamblin.

    • D.J. Templehead

      D.J. Templehead

      DJ Templehead (Dom to his mates) is playing his 3rd Solfest and can be heard in both the dance tent (generally 'avin it) and also the Dogs in Space tent where he will be playing this sort of stuff HERE. A seasoned veteran, Dom was a Megadog tour DJ, has played at Glastonbury, WOMAD and the infamous Megadog beach festival (were you there?). "I love playing to the Dogs in Space crowd because there's no rules. And I love Michael Dog - one of my DJ hero's, I still get a buzz out of working with him, legend :-)



      Rubberlips are a collective of musicians from West Yorkshire who since 2010, have been both producing and performing a unique blend of house, funky bass and nu-disco, to chill-out and modern jazz. At the helm is Robert Burbidge, a session trumpeter of many years whose musical talents and unique network of local artists, musicians and producers has overseen the rubberlips collective emerge as one the the brightest talents on the electronic music scene.

    • Babadub


      Featuring Sharlene Squire from Dub Jazz Sound System and Marty Snape from Bulb, Zeb and Mulakong, this duo have been making music together for the last 10 years. Bringing you some pure electronic dub sounds that are guaranteed to make you move!

  • The Love Shack

    • More artists coming soon

      More additions to line-up for this stage are on their way soon, Keep checking back for the latest information.



      Not many artists can boast knocking Snoop Doggy Dogg off the top of the charts, but that’s just one of the noteworthy accomplishments of one Steve Jeffery, aka Pimpsoul. He’s also been called “the forward thinking sound of Nufunk” by iDJ magazine and has travelled the world as an ambassador for everything funky and bass-orientated.
      Dogg’s humbling took place last year when Pimpsoul’s blazing collaboration with the mighty Mooqee, Keep Pounding, hit No 1 on the Beatport hip-hop chart, a hugely important indicator of sales success. Other achievements include racking up more than 50,000 YouTube hits for his re-edit of Duck Sauce’s ubiquitous Barbra Streisand, put together alongside DJP. Pimpsoul tracks have found their way into the record boxes of acts as diverse as DJ Yoda and Krafty Kuts. The likes of A-Skillz, Beat Vandals, Mooqee, Fort Knox Five and Kiss FM’s Ali B are also big fans – Pimpsoul has even been called in to co-host Ali’s show.
      For a producer with such a booming sound (one of only three resident producers on leading UK funk label Bombstrikes) Steve is also a firing DJ who has taken his turntable skills to venues across the globe to entertain audiences as far afield as Canada and Romania during the last couple of years. Fully armed with a crate full of his own re-edits and mash ups, Pimpsoul grabs the party by its horns and stamps his name on its ass cheeks like a cowpoke with a bad temper. This flat cap sporting English gent is a genuine club DJ with the power to drop the bass and watch the bodies fly around the room. No wonder even poor Snoop had to accept second spot.




      "Fresh on the scene bomb making machine" Father Funk has gone from strength to strength in the last year, releasing 7 tracks on six different labels in less than six months, topping the Juno Download breakbeat chart and securing festival slots at Beatherder, Solfest, Sunrise, Ravenstonedale and Kendal Calling. With more releases in the pipeline to follow his massive free EP on the notorious Ghetto Funk label, 2013 is set to be an even bigger year for Father Funk.

    • TIM TOIL

      TIM TOIL

      From Toil's humble beginnings throwing small parties in their local woods for friends, to then organising outdoor raves on top of moors, progressing to the now legendary free parties in the woods, Mr Tim Toil has been there from the start, djing with his compadre's Captain Trenchfoot and Trouble down't pit.
      He is now one of the six organisers of the Beat-Herder Festival and a regular Dj on the increasingly popular Modulate FM


  • House of Joy



      Once again Sky Banks will be hosting the House Of Joy , Bringing the full heavyweight Jambeater Soundsystem for your listerning pleasure

    • Krak In Dub

      Krak In Dub

      Pure roots reggae junglist, Krak in Dub has come a long way from his early days as one of the original pioneers of the junglist movement in France. Now working with Jamaican legends such as Capleton and Demolition Man, and laying down screaming riddims and blazing basslines, he’s harnessed the original junglist free flow spirit, throbbing with roots and the soul of reggae into improvised liveset. Kicking dancefloors and putting the hardiest sub bins through their paces, he’s bringing the sound global, from South America to Eastern Europe earning full throated respect from the cream of Jamaican artistry and inspiring a whole new generation to embrace the junglist movement. And now with the mighty FOGATA label he brings the rubadubstep style to a new level keeping the Dub into Dubstep with vocalists like Solo Banton and Joseph Cotton….Since the 90’s he has released more than 40 records and remix for his own labels or others, and played all over the world. Today he’s involved with people worldwide in various jungle remix or more recently in Rub a dubstep style with FOGATA.

    • Dub Smugglers

      Dub Smugglers

      Not your average reggae collective, bringing their own fusion of modern sounds and rootsy grooves
      and inpiration from performing alongside reggae legends such as sir david rodigan, trojan soundsystem and mungo's hifi , The Dub Smugglers continue to develop their own style of reggae , dub and dubstep music at a staggering rate

    • Riddim Tuffa

      Riddim Tuffa

      Edinburgh based riddim tuffa have racked up appearances throughout Europe, with several festival shows and countless dancehall takeovers in the bag. Riddim Tuffa have been hosting their own parties for a few years with a music policy that has its roots in reggae but happily embraces all the myriad forms it has inspired such as dancehall, ragga, jungle and dubstep. Previous guests have included a wide range of Mc’s Robert Lee, Daddy Freddy, Earl 16, YT, Kenny Knots as well as producers like Congo Natty, Mungo’s HiFi, Benny Page, OBF, Radikal Guru, Jahtari and many more..

    • Escape Roots Sound alongside Parly B

      Escape Roots Sound alongside Parly B

      Producer/DJ/Mash-Up artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Playing in the house of joy in 2012 he comes back this year with a bag full of productions and dubplates under his arm, also to be joined in the house of joy in 2013 by Parly B
      Parly B has collaborated with a variety of producers in the music scene such as Lionfire, Riddim Tuffa sound, Ed West, Ghost Town, 7FT, Digital Dubstar, Tradesman & Danny T, Mungo's Hi Fi, Adam Prescott, Oris Jay, Raggattack, Part2style, Reggae Toybox,

    • Cojo (Bushrocker HiFi)

      Cojo (Bushrocker HiFi)

      Veteran of the festival and free party scene, Cojo once again joins us in the house of joy to nice up the place with a selection of the finest reggae dance floor grooves. Selecting tunes out of his extensive record collection, as usual he will instinctively select the tunes that you ‘the people’ will love to hear. Standby to be devastated with the diversity of this man’s wealth of experience and vibes with the biggest of bushy love.

    • Instrument Of Jah

      Instrument Of Jah

      Patrick Anselm owner /operator of the Instrument Of Jah soundsystem will be joining us this year in the house of joy to deliver his message of unity and positivity , instrument of jah soundsystem is inspired by the likes of jah tubbys, jah shaka and iration steppas and is one of the host soundsystems at the one love festival

    • Black Star Dub Collective

      Black Star Dub Collective

      Formed in the cold Winter of 2009/2010 with a desire to express their love of soundsystem culture. Forming in Manchester’s vibrant squat scene on Rusholme’s Dickenson Road the bands line up snowballed in to a full blown collective of members and participants who wanted to take their love of dub/reggae/roots and dancehall music to the next level. As well as wanting to sound there musical influences BSDC wanted to voice their social and political concerns to a wider audience combining bass heavy tunes with a tuff and radical political message.



      Created in a barn in North Yorkshire Dub Barn Collective are a group of artists, musicians and performers creating a heady concoction of experimental dub reggae, loops and beats, laced with samples and percussive grooves, which make you want to dance with a conscience.
      Their contagious sound is firmly rooted within the spirit of dub pioneers Lee Scratch Perry and King Tubby dosed with a distinctly British edge with influences ranging from Dub Syndicate, On U Sound, The Clash, The Specials, Primal Scream and the halcyon days of the 90’s free party scene.
      Through their potent sound and live performances Dub Barn Collective’s reputation has grown rapidly on the UK northern festival scene. Now they are ready to come out from the fringes and are setting their sights on becoming one of the stellar acts on the national and international festival circuit.

    • Big Toes HiFi with Dangerman

      Big Toes HiFi with Dangerman

      B-Dawg operator and described as the Big Toes soundbwoy champion joined by edinburgh's Dangerman on the mic bringing an uplifting reggae selection from the Big Toes vast range of dubplates and Releases



      Probably one the best known selectors / soundboys in the north , playing all the major festivals
      his year and coming up from manchester to entertain us in the house of joy with his collection of
      exclusive tracks and dubplates ! the Mikey Don session is not to be missed !

    • Monster Monster

      Monster Monster

      Joining us for his 3rd year in the House of Joy is Dave Crossley AKA Monster Monster, having a wealth of experience as a dj and promoter “Monster Monster” always keeps you entertained with his reggae vibes and selections

    • Nucleus Roots

      Nucleus Roots

      Bringing back their PA set to the House of joy will be Paul Lush / Nucleus Roots Producer joined by Simon dan and Trevor Roots … and maybe More
      pure roots vibes through live dub mixing and acompanyed by nucleus roots vocalists for a serious uplifting session

    • The Ifoundation

      The Ifoundation

      Scottish band The Ifoundation, bringing authentic lovers rock, they stepping in at the last min for us last year and more than deserve a return visit
      one of the most hard working uk reggae bands, The iFoundation are a band named and formed in tribute to the 'foundation reggae sound'

    • Irie Vibes

      Irie Vibes

      Yorkshire style ! dishing out dub, roots, reggae, dancehall, a li'l bit o' dubstep and jungle... and not forgetting irie vibes!
      Running regular events in york playing host to a multitude of reggae soundsystems and selectors they are the true definition of soundsystem culture

    • Apache HiFi

      Apache HiFi

      Operator Geronimo from the Lancashire/Yorkshire borders keeping the crowd entertained with his serious reggae selections and dubplates 

    • Steve Jah-vis (Lancasters one love sound)

      Steve Jah-vis (Lancasters one love sound)

      Mr Steve Jah-vis returning to the House of Joy with his pure vinyl selections , lancasters one love sound has been ruling the reggae arena for 18 years and a veteran of the south lakes free party scene 

    • Defekters


      The Defekters pride themselves on their feel good, thought provoking songs aimed at kicking up the crowds into a frenzy, although they will play clubs and pubs their real passion are the festivals they play, the band have started supporting such bands as, Dreadzone, Palma International, Nucleus Roots, The Selecter and Easy Star All Stars to name a few... This Band will bring a unique blend of original music to any party!!!



      Formed in early 2012 this 7 piece conscious reggae outfit hail from the Three Counties. With gangsta flute, rapper and a punchy horn section their sound combines a wide range of influences from punk to ska, soul to rap. Mixing powerful political imagery with sweet harmonies and soulful grooves Ting & Ra & The Iries will get you thinking as well as skanking

    • The Hostiles

      The Hostiles

      The Hostiles bring the upbeat energy of west coast US ska punk to the less-sunny climes of west coast Scotland. Their take is spirited and infectious, combining distorted guitars riffs, low-slung rhythms, in-your-face vocals and a two-pronged brass backbone of trumpet and trombone. It’s a formula that’s helped the five-piece build a strong reputation on the live circuit as an act to be reckoned with, good times guaranteed

    • Liberation


      live performance from Manchesters the Liberation, playing their own brand of Dubbed up, Folky Rock. Influenced by classic Reggae

    • Dub Family Robinson

      Dub Family Robinson

      live Dub Mixing from leeds based martin robinson and joined by powerful vocals from oova matique

    • Jimi Two Eyes

      Jimi Two Eyes

      Two-Eyes is a reggae selector, producer and promoter based in Leeds UK. Coming to play a choice selection of the best roots, dancehall, ska, rocksteady and dub musical discs - strictly vinyl, acetate and microphone in original dance hall style



      Producer / Promoter team Lunatix and Mr Organized join us ine the house of joy for a heavy live session recreating the vibes of their notorious Northwest reggae club night, "Ring The Alarm" Expect great party vibes and a wide selection of reggae music spanning from the early classics right up to never heard before dubplate exclusives!

    • Miss Chop

      Miss Chop

      Manchester roots reggae selector Miss Chop playing a pure vinyl session



      pure vinyl set from Little Rocket hifi from classic studio one sounds to deep dub selections, running to the early hours in the house of joy , purely positive vibrations all the way

    • MJ (Stir it up)

      MJ (Stir it up)

      Resident selector MJ from the popular Leeds Based Vintage reggae nights “Stir it Up”

    • Tonnes Of Reggae

      Tonnes Of Reggae

      Carlisle reggae nights residend DJ's both Dj Fiah Don and Ital Breakz go back to back to bring you Tonnes of reggae

    • Criminal Justice Sounds

      Criminal Justice Sounds

      Dj and producer Criminal Justice Sounds playing a range of classic and digital reggae

    • Love Kartel

      Love Kartel

      Lovers rock to dirty dancehall session from the Love Kartel

    • Dreadcat & Uberdub Matt

      Dreadcat & Uberdub Matt

      Jambeater resident selectors going back to back to bring you a bass heavy session of dubwise sounds

    • Squidgy Scapes

      Squidgy Scapes

      Jambeater resident and boxbwoy squidgy , vinyl rocksteady and ska selector

    • Dr Dub Boots

      Dr Dub Boots

      Reggae Overdrive Radio show host Dr Dub Boots with his own eclectic taste of sounds warming up the session

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