There is very little information online that can help people understand how certain bank offers can help them and how others may put them in a difficult situation. This is partially due to the fact that most financial guides are either obsolete or they are locked behind expensive paywalls. We, at Sol Finance believe that all information should be both free as well as reliable and, as a result, have dedicated our resources to helping others make informed financial decisions.

We offer informative articles that are designed to help individuals understand core financial concepts such as compound interest, variable rate interest, debt consolidation, personal loans, and lines of credit.

These will help you have a better understanding of the many offers that banks and other lenders are coming up with on a monthly basis. Furthermore, we also create financial guides that are easy to follow and can help those interested properly budget their income, cut back on their expenses and increase their overall financial stability.

Our research teams are constantly looking at the new deals that banks come up with and analyse them in order to determine what pros and cons each of them comes with. All their results are organised in short, analytical articles that are quick to read and easy to understand.